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Breakout Sessions

This is not the final session list. Please check back for more details!
A Cultural Shift in Computer Science - How can we as educators encourage the next Computer Scientists?
Presented by: Jill Baird, Jill Volmer
Systemic cultural change is needed in technology and computing to increase the opportunities for all students to achieve greatness in these fields. There are barriers and biases that are integrated into the beliefs and policies of the technology ecosystem that can be difficult for some students to break through. Creating a Culture of Inclusivity starts that change while students are in school. Learn more about how to create lasting cultural change to improve student opportunities.
ArcGIS in ND Schools
Presented by: Ben Nelson, Charity Nix
Taking a hands-on look at Esri’s ArcGIS software, which is available at no cost to schools, and talk about how it can be used in different classrooms.
Breaking down the CS standards 6-12
Presented by: Jill Baird, Tyler Ward
We are going to break down the North Dakota Computer Science and Cybersecurity Standards by grade level in this session. Come to this session ready to explore and ask questions about the standards. We will also look at how different curriculum options cover the standards at each grade level.
Breaking down the CS standards K-5
Presented by: Jill Baird, Tyler Ward
We are going to break down the North Dakota Computer Science and Cybersecurity Standards by grade level in this session. Come to this session ready to explore and ask questions about the standards. We will also look at how different curriculum options cover the standards at each grade level.
Change Management
Presented by: Jason Mattheis, Jill Baird
Change is hard, but it doesn't have to be when incorporating computer science into your curriculum. Learn how the Change Management process using the ADKAR model (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement) can ease the transition for administrators, teachers, and students. Change Management can enhance the skills of your staff that will allow new ideas and innovations to flourish in your school.
Coding with iPads
Presented by: Ben Nelson, Tyler Ward
Practice computer coding with iPads. We will explore various elementary level applications that you can use with your classroom and apply critical thinking skills to create your own program.
Computational Thinking
Presented by: Charity Nix, Tyler Ward
This session is based on the CYBER.ORG Computational Thinking curriculum which incorporates the four elements of computational thinking (decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction, and algorithm design) in a project-based approach to learning within core subject areas. Teachers will learn how to embed computational thinking vocabulary and skills into everyday learning experiences into their classroom.
Cybersecurity Basics
Presented by: Jill Baird, Jason Mattheis
CYBER.ORG’s Cybersecurity Basics introduces middle school students to the foundational concepts of cybersecurity through immersive modules. The course covers Computing Systems (CS), Digital Citizenship (DC), and Security (SEC) to provide students with a basic understanding of cybersecurity. Teachers will explore this new course to understand how they can incorporate these concepts into their classrooms.

Cybersecurity with micro:bits  
Presented by: Jill Baird, Tyler Ward
Explore cybersecurity skills through coding on the micro:bit. We will take a quick tour of the cybersecurity blocks CYBER.ORG has created for MakeCode then dive into Communicating and Encrypting with Python on the micro:bit. A basic understanding of a micro:bit is encouraged.
Digital Citizenship
Presented by: Jason Mattheis, Tyler Ward
Explore resources and information about digital citizenship and cyber security to prepare you and your students. We will explore appropriate technology usage and become aware of the dangers of the cyberworld.
Intro to micro:bit
Presented by: Tyler Ward, Ben Nelson
Learn to program the?micro:bit?with?Microsoft?MakeCode. We will look at the various capabilities with?micro:bits?to create a name tag, send and receive messages, play music, with ready to use tutorials.
Leslie Hanging Out!
Presented by: Leslie Fischer
Wondering if there is an App or EdTech solution that might help you meet a specific need? While Leslie absolutely does not know everything she will hang out for a bit to answer any questions or curiosities you might have regarding helpful or engaging tools that you might be able use in your educational setting.
PSCB Customizations and PSCB Custom Reports in PowerTeacher
Presented by: Jack Knopp
This presentation will go over the PSCB Customizations and PSCB Custom Reports that have been added to all sites in PowerTeacher.
Python coding on the micro:bit
Presented by: TBD
Learn to program the micro:bit using Python, a text based coding language. We will learn how to program the components on the micro:bit using python, including the LED display, push buttons, and sensors.
SCRIPT Training
Presented by: Tyler Ward, Tabitha Teel
The Strategic CSforALL Resource and Implementation Planning Tool (“SCRIPT”) is a framework used to guide the creation of customized implementation plans to meet the goals and needs of school districts that are seeking to create computer science education (“CSed”) plans, guided by CSforALL values of rigor, inclusion, and sustainability.
Share your feedback with Microsoft
Presented by: Charity Nix, Tyler Ward
Do you have Microsoft questions and not sure how to find the answers?  In this session, we will explore the many resources on Microsoft support site for the tools we use everyday as well as find free courses that are available for learning.  Do you have an idea for enhancements?  We will show you how to recommend those ideas as well as “vote” on other ideas.
Technology Time Machine
Presented by: Leslie Fischer
We have always been surrounded by technology and watched as it changed the world. This keynote session will take an informative and entertaining look at what technology meant to teachers throughout the decades while discovering great technology tools we can use now. We will also take a look at where we are heading with a sneak peek at some products and features of the future
Tools You Can Use Tomorrow
Presented by: Leslie Fischer
It might be safe to say that educators are using technology in the classroom more than ever before. The amount of free, affordable and downright cool solutions is impressive and so many solutions were updated in the past few years to help handle a refreshed learning dynamic. This class will introduce you to some top Websites, Apps and Tools you can start using in your classroom tomorrow. Time allowing we will also take a peek into the future at some technology that might be part of your classroom in the future
Unpacking Computing in Minecraft: Education Edition Curriculum
Presented by: Charity Nix
Immerse yourself in the coding curriculum as you explore lessons, resources and assessments provided within the curriculum.

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